Integration of Torgosoft with OpenCart online store

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We have received a request – it is necessary to integrate an online store on OpenCart with Torgsoft accounting system. TorgSoft is a Ukrainian goods accounting system with many additional options.

The integration task was to synchronize residues and prices on the site and in the system. The task is not complicated. Integration will be set up through the xml export file uploaded to the server, and with the help of a self-written script to take the necessary data from the file and write it into the database.


Интеграция ТОРГСОФТ с интернет-магазином на OpenCart - работа GetBrand Studio

What we did on the project

First we had to work with the accounting program itself. To do this, we set up these parameters:

  1. The type of file that will be uploaded to the server with the site. It will be xml-yml;
  2. Specify the fields from the product card, which we want to get in the unloading;
  3. Specify the connection to the server where the file will be uploaded. Configure the parameters of the post-request. By this request, immediately after uploading the file to the server, the site will know that it is necessary to start updating;
  4. We set up a schedule – so that every n-hours there is an unloading without human intervention.

The only thing is that to work, you need to run the program Torgosoft on the machine, which is specified in the settings.

In our case, we’ve configured all the fields except for those products that don’t have images. Because we don’t have such products on our site.

Setup instructions We got it from the Torgosoft YouTube channel.

As a result, we got this xml-file on the server with the site. This is a standard xml-file, with the fields that we configured in the admin panel of TorgSoft.

When the configuration on the Torgosoft side is complete, move on to the site.

What we encountered and what we had to finalize on the side of the site:

First, it was necessary to determine which parameters should be used to reconcile goods. The unique ones turned out to be articles. But later it turned out that goods have additional options – sizes. I.e. one article can have several sizes and this size has its own price and quantity in stock. This means that it is also necessary to check by size.

And in the admin panel, each size has its own price relative to the base price of the goods – for example size M costs 1300 UAH, size L costs 1200 UAH. In the product card this is implemented by adding or subtracting from the base price (+/-);

Even later it turned out that in addition to size variations, there is also a difference by gender. And gender is not determined by the attribute in the product, but by the category. This means that you still need to check not only by article and size, but also by gender. And in the unloading sex is as a separate attribute, and on the site this attribute is not there. The product is simply attached to the category with the corresponding name.

What did we do? We redid the site admin so that the price of each option was not +/- but equal = so that we could directly write the price from the upload to the admin. After that, we added a “For Whom” attribute to each product and put certain values there.

Everything can be synchronized! And we also configured the hosting, because the hosting antivirus did not pass the request from Torgosoft – the same one that signaled the end of the unloading. It wouldn’t let through because the antivirus was blocking it. This is standard hosting practice to protect sites.

What result did we get

As a result, we created a system that uploads a file with products to the server, automatically processes it and updates the prices and balances of products on the site.

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