Creating a store on Rozetka

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The customer has a store on the PROM site.

The line of business is the sale of consumer goods for various purposes. The emphasis is on electrical goods.

When setting the task we take into account the requirements for opening a store on Rozetka – The logo image must be a certain format and it should not be unnecessary inscriptions, except for the name itself.

Rozetka – is the largest marketplace in Ukraine.

GetBrand - ToBe Logo_2 Кейс "Создание магазина на Rozetka". Разработка логотипа. Нейминг. При постановке задачи учитывались требования открытия магазина на Розетке. Гетбренд

What we did on the project

First, we find out the needs of the client by filling out a brief. There are no special requests for a name and logo, so the team is not limited in its imagination.

In the process of brainstorming we developed 8 (eight) variants of naming. Each option is an association, an allegory, which clearly characterizes the goals, values of the store, its status, focus on a particular target audience.

After summing up, we send a brief presentation to the customer – literally within a couple of hours we get a positive response to one of the names. This is the signal to start the next stage – the drawing of the logo.

What result did we get

As a result of the work performed:

  1. Text for the personal account of the store;
  2. Naming – To be.

Store logo:

GetBrand Studio.

A business card for the store:

GetBrand - ToBe Logo_2 Case Creating a store on Rozetka. Logo design. Naming. When setting the task, we took into account the requirements of the store opening at Rosetka. Getbrand



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